The statement of User's Privacy Policy

Amnpardaz Soft Corporation is committed to maintaining its user's privacy policy. Therefore, it is responsible comply with global necessary standards to collecting and protecting data. In this text, Amnpardaz policies in protecting data and privacy policy represented.
Viewing our website pages and using many of its services need no information from users, but in some cases, need personal information such as receiving products or services. Amnpardaz Co. is committed to keeping your personal information private and under any circumstances disclose none of them. In the following, you can read how this data is collected.

How to collect and use user's information
If you sign up on the Ampardaz site, order and purchase our products, use our services, and demand information from us, your personal information will be available.

The information we are collecting is as follows: < ul>

  • Information you provide to us are as follows (items 1 to 4 are not mandatory and will use by the site for issuing an electronic invoice if you purchase our products):
    1. Name and Surname
    2. Phone and Fax number
    3. Identification number
    4. Address and postal code
    5. Email address
    6. Banking account data ( if you purchase online)
    7. Other information are: your PC information is need when you contact our support team.
  • Some other information is automatically collected from you that is as follows:
    1. Date, time, and duration you logged into our site.
    2. viewed pages by you
    3. Your computer IP address
    4. The name and the version of your computer OS and browser. such as Windows 7/ IE 9
    5. standard information you send by the browser.
  • Note that this collected data does not provide us the possibility of detecting users. Our goal by collecting this data is to use them in analyzing site users so we can act better in delivering service.

    The application of collected information
    • following and completing your order
    • sending necessary topics and announcements to customers
    • sending advertising and newsletter
    • make sure that the site works properly in different situation of the users (different browsers and OSs)
    • receiving different statistics from users and how they use the site and its services
    • receiving information and comments from customers about products and services to enhance functionality and attain more satisfaction.

    Cookies are little textual files placed in your computer by sites to protect your information, so there will be no more re-entering data and to save your time. Data that has been collected by cookies are applicable in identifying the re-reference of the users and make it easier for them to visit the site. Also, by tracking email and newsletter, your needs are detectable to be included in our work orders.
    Note that any individual can remove cookies from their system at any time they desire. Remember, if you remove them, you must re-enter all settings such as stored username and password.

    Transferring personal information to third party
    Amnpardaz Soft Corporation responsible protect your personal data and would never surrender this data to a third party, except in cases that have been stated in the law, or it is provided to competent authorities, or because of a private plaintiff complaint.

    Contact with users
    Our only verified official authority to contact you is our official website, and we will not contact you except using official and verified emails on the site.
    Amnpardaz website has no other site except, and also, it has no blog and pages on Yahoo Messenger, Facebook or MSN Messenger, etc.
    To contact Amnpardaz, you can only use mentioned email addresses in the contact us section.

    Changes made in maintaining confidentiality policy
    We reserve the right to edit this announcement and apply our changes at any time. In these circumstances, you are obliged to read and know about our latest changes. Indeed, these kinds of changes may deliver to you by email or an announcement inside the site.