Terms and Condition of Using Amnpardaz Co. Services

Dear user, please study the following terms carefully for the optimum use of Amnpardaz Soft Corporation.
User's login to Amnpardaz Soft Co. website and registering orders at any time means accepting all terms and conditions of Amnpardaz Soft Co. by the user.

General Provisions
Note that all rules and procedures of Amnpardaz Soft Corporation are based on the rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Electronic Trade law, and the law of Supporting Customer rights. If there will be any changes in the provisions and procedures of Amnpardaz Co., it will publish and update on this page, and you will agree that your constant use of this site means you agree with any changes.
The user also committed to maintaining the confidentiality of their password and user accounts information, and the user is responsible for all operations performed by this account and if any security incidents include (not limited to) leakage of password and unauthorized use of the user account occurred, the user must notify the corporation immediately.

Defining customer or user
Customer or user is an individual who registers orders or any other types of services of Amnpardaz Soft Co by the information he registered in the login list.

Maintaining Personal Privacy Policy
Amnpardaz Soft Corporation is committed to maintaining the personal privacy policy of its users. Therefore, it's bound itself to comply with global standards in collecting and protecting data. On the website of Amnpardaz Co. and the page of User's Privacy Policy, the policies of Amnpardaz in data protection and maintaining Personal Privacy represented.
Viewing the pages of our websites and using the most represented services needs no data from the user but in some cases, your information is needed, including receiving products or services. In these situations, you are committing to provide correct and valid data, and if any changes to this information, inform the corporation in suitable ways. Otherwise, the responsibility of any mistakes in these processes and transactions related to providing wrong or invalid data is on the user. Amnpardaz Co. committed in all these cases to maintain your personal information and will not disclose any personal information of users under any circumstances.

Response Time
Amnpardaz Co. is responsive to users and customers from Sat-Wed (except public holidays in Iran) 08:00 A.M- 05:00 P.M.
You can register your order or receive a product by email 24/7.

Granting certificate and activation

  • Any purchasing from Amnpardaz Soft Corporation will be online, and no physical package will be sent to you. After purchase, The buyer will receive an email including an activation license of the software with its download link and install and activate the software.
  • The responsibility of providing correct and valid email to receive the product serial number and download link is on the customer.
  • If you received, downloaded, and installed the Trial version, then you have the trial permission to use this software. You can only use this software during the agreed time and for testing and assessing that started from the installation time.
  • The software, according to the numbers listed on its license, can be activated.
  • Received Email and phone information from the user in the administrative processes and future correspondence is necessary, and the responsibility of this data to being correct is on the customer. If any wrong, invalid information is provided or the user's email and the phone deactivated, the refund process or next following will encounter a problem, and responsibility is on the customer.
  • If you change your computer or apply changes to its software and hardware, maybe the company needed you to repeat the activation. The company will specify the numbers of these acts.
  • It will restrict the license to the period that the software is activated on the first computer if you need to use this software on more than one computer

From the time the purchasing is activated (except the Trial version), the buyer can use the following services for periods which is specified on the software package (if you received the software from a media):
  • Updating will be performed online and when the company released it on its website or other online services. Each update that buyer will receive is a part of the software and is included in terms of the agreement.
  • • According to the software agreement, from the time of receiving software to the expiration date, technical support will be at your service by the following addresses:
    • Email: support@amnpardaz.com
    • Forum: http://forum.amnpardaz.com
    • Support system: http://support.amnpardaz.com

Canceling the purchase and returning the product
  • Canceling the purchase for three days after purchasing is possible for the buyer. If extraditing the purchased license to the company and deactivate it according to Amnpardaz procedures, the company is obliged to extradite the price to the buyer without claiming any expenses as soon as possible. In this case, the user should declare his request in specified ways, and the price will extradite to the user after the sales manager viewed and verify this request.
  • The time of extradition is one week unless more time needs due to legal and administrative processes or delay in declaring the requested information and such from the client.
  • The customer was obliged to provide company requested documents for extradition. In case of refusal to provide requested documents by the customer, the customer is responsible for the delay and non-refund, and the company has no responsibility.